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Hi, I'm Nikki! I'm so happy you're here! Nicole Hollenkamp Photography is a Qualified Princeton, Minnesota-based Maternity and Newborn Portrait Studio Photographer, dedicated to celebrating motherhood, family, and of course, love!

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I have always loved Newborn Photography. Even way back when I first started this journey, Newborns are what I fell in love with all those years ago. I am so thankful for all of the families that have invited me in to help them remember their happy moments along the way. I am so excited […]

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I am so excited to have a portrait studio near downtown Princeton MN. I have been busy planning, purchasing samples, grooming my sample images, designing signage and moving ALL THE PROPS. I have collected so many over the years. My kiddos helped us move in the early morning in an attempt to help us avoid […]


Some things that I learned this week… Family is the most important thing. Snuggling 30 minutes a day with your loved one is the best medicine. Be vulnerable. Crying into a loving shoulder is heaps better than crying when alone. Make someone else smile. Our time here is too brief to be unhappy. Don’t dwell […]


Love Family My family decided that we would get a membership to underwater world this year. So we are going to take a lot of opportunities to go and enjoy all the creatures. As part of a resolution of mine to actually try to take more photos of my kids/family I decided to take along […]

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